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 Warning Chart

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Warning Chart Empty
PostSubject: Warning Chart   Warning Chart EmptySat Sep 17, 2011 11:55 pm

Warning Bars

This is the imagery. (Provided by Forumotion Support Team)

Warning Chart WarningBar-Gloss1
- Good -

Warning Chart WarningBar-Gloss2
- Still safe -

Warning Chart WarningBar-Gloss3
- Not so very safe -

Warning Chart WarningBar-Gloss4
- You're in trouble -

Warning Chart WarningBar-Gloss6sharp
- You're out -

Quite simple don't you think? The warning system is run by a point system, one negative point means one color down, 2 negative points means two points down and so on. If you have an active warning and do something good, you can earn a point up. But all warnings have an expiration date.

It ranges from a week to two, depending on the weigh of what you did. Here are some warning earning points. 1 point lasts for a week, so if you reach red, it lasts for 3 weeks.

Disrespect to Mods {Family Leaders Etc.} - - They are in position for a reason, so do respect them like you respect yourselves. 1st warning, a verbal warning, the 2nd warning one point down, if you disrespect them still you will get two points down, if it doesn't stop there, you get banned.

Spam advertising with multiple accounts - Weve seen one, two, three of cases like this, this offense is an instant ban for breaking two rules. No multiple accounts unless only used for RP and no advertising other than shameless advertising area.

Advertising on other areas - We do have an advertising area, you can use it to the fullest, so please don't abuse that right? If your caught once, you'll get a verbal warning, if you repeat again, you will get a 2 point warning. If you still don't get it, you get banned.(Outside links to images, blogs and videos are excluded from this rules)

Art thievery – This concerns artworks that you didn't make and claim that its yours, its a major offense and amounts to a to a 4 point warning. You're out ^_^

Advertising through PM - Dont do it, please? first a verbal warning, next a two point warning, if you still don't get it, you get axed.

Trolling/Flaiming - Troller or trolley, keep you feet on the ground and avoid any real conflict as much as you could, you will first get a verbal warning, if you keep it up, depending on the damage you caused, you can get a warning, a suspension or a permanent ban.

-will be updated from time to time-
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Warning Chart
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