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 Ava Zeph

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Basic Information
Name: Ava Zeph
Specialization: Dragoon
Exorcist Rank: Lower First Class
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Weight: 188 lbs
Height: 5'9"

Birth-date: June 6th, 1995
Place of Birth: True Cross Town
Place of Living: True Cross Academy

Personality: A laid back and flamboyant man, and he is rarely seen without a smile on his lips. tends to use a more familiar speech style than most other characters. He generally refers to his superiors by their first name followed by an honorific. He is a peace-loving man who will always try to talk his way out of a fight, though he doesn't wish to insult opponents by refusing to fight. Though Ava tries to talk his way out of a fight, he does insist on fighting when the situation is grave. When around others, Ava displays a lovely appearance. He is loved by many and doesn't like to be disliked by others.


Weapon Appearance:
Firearms Specialty: The guns Ava use are normal pistols, but the bullets that are shot out are compressed air with a bit of holy water added to it for slaying demons.
Summoner Tools: To summon his familiar, Ava must first pull out the box that holds the familiar within it. He then bites a small hole on the tip of his thumb and drops a drop of his blood within it, releasing his familiar for use.
Abilities: He has the ability to form air into bullets with holy water covering the bullets.

Background and Roleplay Information


Ava was born in an orphanage, but after he was born, his mother had passed away and his father was murdered by demons. Due to this, he raised by the orphanage. It was here that Ava met his animal Familiar, Mukuro.

Familiar Birth:
Mukuro was a normal owl that Ava had found wounded on the street. He tried to keep it healthy but the poor animal died before any more treatment could be done. The soul of Mukuro ended up becoming solid, and beared armor on its head and the tips of its wings and talons. The contract between Ava and Mukuro was made with Avas blood and a small black box with the symbol of an owl, a talon.

True Cross Academy:
Ava trained himself every day in the use of guns which were covered in holy water, and some had the water within the shells. His ability was recognized by a representative of the academy and Ava was sent to see if he would like to come to the school and learn how to better his abilities. He was young at the time, at the age of 12. He wasn't sure of joining just yet so he declined the offer and returned back home to do his training. It took Ava 4 years to finally figure out that to become stronger, and kill the very demons that had murdered his father, he would need proper training to become an exorcist. He went back to the academy, now at the age of 16, and signed up for the exorcist classes there.

Roleplay Sample: Ava held the pistols in his hands, held outward at the large demon in front of him.
"Now die you demon scum" He said as he pulled the triggers. As the bullets hit there marks, the blast from them formed a cross on the demons body, burning it from the inside out. Ava put his guns back into there holsters which were attached to his waist. He crossed his arms as he began to walk away, proud of killing another demon.
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Ava Zeph
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