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 Meister Template

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Basic Information
Name: (First, Last)
Specialization: Knight, Aria, Dragoon etc. (unless you wish to be a mere student aspiring to one of these classes.)
Exorcist Rank: (Lower Second Class, Lower First Class, Middle Second Class, Middle First Class ,Upper Second Class, Upper First Class, Honorary Knight, Arc Knight , The Paladin)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (The age of your character)
Weight: [x] lbs
Height: [x]'[x]"

Birth-date: [Month] [Day]
Place of Birth: (Self-Explanatory)
Place of Living: (Self-Explanatory)

Personality: (Explain how your character would act around friends, strangers, those of higher and lower authority and anything outstanding in their mindset.)

Appearance: (Pic or detailed description)

Weapon Appearance: (Pic or description, if you dont have a weapon please remove this)
Demonic Attributes (Knight only, Describe the attributes of the demon sealed within your sword. Delete if you're not a Knight)
Firearms Specialty: (Type of fire arms your Meister uses and describe your type of ammunition)
Summoner Tools: (Anything that you can come up with that might aid you in the actions needed to summon a familiar)
Medical Supplies: (Doctor only, This is whatever you might carry on your person that is used for medical purposes)
Abilities: (Self-Explanatory)

Background and Roleplay Information

History: (You may just link the wikia for this character if you are Cannon)

Roleplay Sample: (is not character specific, The better your sample is the greater the possibility of gaining a higher rank is, quality is more important than quantity)

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Meister Template
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