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 Masho Template

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Basic Information
Name: (First, Last)
Demon Rank: Lower Class, Middle Class, Upper Class, Sentinal
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (The age of your character)
Weight: [x] lbs
Height: [x]'[x]"

Place of Living: (whether you are mainly in Gahenna or Assiah, and where in those areas you stay)

Personality: (Explain how your character would act around friends, strangers, those of higher and lower authority and anything outstanding in their mindset.)

Appearance(while in Assiah): (Pic or detailed description)

Weapon Appearance: (Pic or description, As a demon using a weapon you are similar to that of a knight class exorcist, you are able to channel your abilities through your weapon. If you dont have a weapon please remove this)

Masho Attributes (What happens to you when you release your powers in Assiah. ex- Rin's blue flame)
Masho Abilities: (Self-Explanatory)

True Form: (what you look like in full form/power. Note: going True Form in Assiah destroys your current host body)

True Form Abilities: (the different or improved abilities of your true form)

Background and Roleplay Information

History: (You may just link the wikia for this character if you are Cannon)

Roleplay Sample: (is not character specific. The better your sample is the greater the possibility of gaining a higher rank is, quality is more important than quantity. A paragraph at least is preferred, but we dont want a book)

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Masho Template
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