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 Chris Skies [WIP]

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Basic Information
Name: Chris Skies
Specialization: Dragoon
Exorcist Rank: Upper Second Class
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Weight: [199] lbs
Height: [5]'[10]"

Birth-date: [January] [1st]
Place of Birth: True Cross Academy Town
Place of Living: Dorms

Personality: He is generally mature and serious. He is shown to be easily annoyed by others goofing off or drawing unneeded attention to themselves. He hates anything that he deems childish as well as being described as something close to a child, such as an elementary school child. It is also known that Chris's favorite foods are watermelon and amanattō. He does not like dried persimmons. He works very hard, but his motive seems to be that if he finishes quickly, he can return to his afternoon nap. He believes in the saying "children who sleep well, grow well," and hopes to grow quickly, a wish shared by his friends. Naturally, they do not voice this fact in front of him, for even regularly practicing this adage for so long, he didn't really grow in height. He is usually joked about by many of the other students in Academy as well as by his enemies. Despite these jokes, or perhaps because of them, Chris has developed a cold attitude toward most people; he tolerates these jokes and goes on with his duties. Although he has shown anger towards jokes, he doesn't take action against whomever insulted him unless they are his enemies, but has never overreacted because of them.

Appearance: (Pic or detailed description)

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Summoner Tools: (Anything that you can come up with that might aid you in the actions needed to summon a familiar)
Medical Supplies: (Doctor only, This is whatever you might carry on your person that is used for medical purposes)
Abilities: (Self-Explanatory)

Background and Roleplay Information

History: (You may just link the wikia for this character if you are Cannon)

Roleplay Sample: (is not character specific, The better your sample is the greater the possibility of gaining a higher rank is, quality is more important than quantity)

"From... from now on... I will protect my brother in fathers stead."

Chris Skies [WIP] Rin_okumura_by_clff-d3gtifk
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Chris Skies [WIP]
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