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 Tsukishima Sawada

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Basic Information
Name: Tsukishima Sawada
Specialization: Aspiring Student - Knight
Exorcist Rank: Lower First Class
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Weight: 145 lbs
Height: 6'2"

Birth-date: March 19th
Place of Birth: True Cross Town
Place of Living: Academy Dorms

Personality: Tsukishima is generally quiet and solitary but tries harder to act cool when other people are around. Tsukishima has low blood pressure and hates procrastination. His favorite food is homemade mackerel miso stew. He likes to wear a mantle, even though it serves no purpose other than to make him look cooler, despite the fact that it hinders his movement, even keeping a spare with him. He has a tendency to say things melodramatically. He has proven to be gullible at times. He has a strong sense of justice. He has also shown to be very chivalrous, stating that he enacts justice on men who abuse or treat women badly. He also has a tendency to not use lethal force in battle, especially if he can win without doing so. Instead, he will simply incapacitate his opponent.

Appearance: http://p12.pimg.in/oC875l.jpg

Weapon Appearance: http://images.wikia.com/dgrayman/images/8/8e/Mugen2.jpg
Demonic Attributes This sword has the spirit of a wolf sealed inside it. The name of the sword is Inukiba.
Abilities: Illusionary Wolves, Illusion Wave, Purple Flare, Purple Fangs

Background and Roleplay Information

History: WIP

Roleplay Sample: (is not character specific, The better your sample is the greater the possibility of gaining a higher rank is, quality is more important than quantity)
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Tsukishima Sawada
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