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 Aki Knox

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Basic Information
Name: Akimoto Knox [Aki for short]
Specialization: Dragoon and part tamer
Exorcist Rank: Medium First
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Weight: [x] 91lbs
Height: 5'3"

Birth-date: December 13
Place of Birth: London, England
Place of Living: Unknown

Personality: Aki is a fun loving happy child that enjoys everything. She often likes to hang around her older sempais and relies on them. She can be very childish and oblivious. Because she is part tamer she sees all demons as friends and doesn’t like to kill them. Though for her killing and death are no big deal. Though in other ways she is very sadistic.

She is often and usually seen smiling.
Weapon Appearance:

Firearms Specialty: Two gold plated revolvers with any type of ammunition. She usually used her special bullets for demons.
Summoner Tools: She has an eye patch on her right eye to draw her blood on in case she wants to summon her demon.
Her demon can fly so she may ride on it. She has great speed, agility, but Her strength overall though is poor and because of her right eye her hand eye coordination is bad along with her right side being totally open most of the time on the battle field. Also has her ability of light feet where she can almost glide through the air or land softly even though she if over 1000feet in the air. And is very flexible.

Background and Roleplay Information

History: Aki was born into a family of circus. Well at least her parents were. Her mother was a world famous animal tamer while her dad was the amazing ringmaster. She was the soon to be the amazing smiling doll. Perfect in everyway. And can do any tricks. From Riding a tiger with one hand, or go across a tightrops with a unicycle and while juggling knifes, drinking poison and magic tricks, she learned to do them all. But the thing was, her circus usually involved demons, Her mother was actually a Aria while her father was a knight. And she was the tamer and dragoon.
One performance things went wrong as the demons were “accidentally” let out. Especially the new demon in training. It wrecked everything and destroyed everything…even the circus masters. When it was all over Aki lost her eye and tamed the demon do be her own and decided to become a real exorsist and grab a rank.
Roleplay Sample: Aki rode her demon in the night above the town of London bored. She was in her, what she called, “exorcist wear”, although it just looked like circus wear she flew over the big ben. Her job was to watch over the city and of course keep the peace among the demons and humans equal. But what was the point? The treaty is done and disappeared. “This is boring….” Her demon grumbled, “I know, but I got better stuff to do than this….oh wait! I spot one!” She said jumping down and falling. She landed on the ground softly and shot at the demons forehead in 30 seconds. “Checkmate.”
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Aki Knox
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